“Commentary” Magazine Chief to ADL’s Greenblatt: “There Will Be a Reckoning”

New APT podcast series: exposing and rebuking failed Jewish leadership

APT’s view — about the failure of establishment Jewish leadership — is spreading and gaining ground.

In addition to our YouTube channel, APT has now launched a new podcast series hosted by Dr. Charles Jacobs, focusing on the issues and threats facing the Jewish community today.

In the inaugural podcast, Dr. Jacobs shows how Commentary magazine’s chief editor John Podhoretz now publicly agrees with our analysis: that Jewish leadership’s scandalous failures are enabling the current wave of anti-Jewish terror.

Recently, Podhoretz excoriated Jewish leadership for its flaccid response to the unending physical attacks on Orthodox Jewish communities — calling out ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt directly. Concerning “Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, a disgraceful public official who should not have his job any longer and should not have had it in the first place,” Podhoretz said, “…There will be a reckoning.”

The discomforting truths concerning the need for new Jewish leadership are now being acknowledged by Jewish intellectual heavyweights.

Listen to our new podcast here.

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