APT’s New Book on Radical Boston Mosque Reviewed by Ronn Torossian in “The Algemeiner”

The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) in the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury — December 8, 2015. (Angela Rowlings / “The Boston Herald”)

Review of APT’s groundbreaking book on Boston’s terrorist mosque

Our just-published exposé of the Muslim Brotherhood mega-mosque in Boston is getting praised in reviews in the Jewish press. Today, Ronn Torossian of top PR firm 5W reviews it in The Algemeiner. Read the review here.

Terror in the Cradle of Liberty, by APT’s Executive Director Ilya Feoktistov, describes how Islamic extremists affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood built a mega-mosque in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston with a valuable kosher stamp of approval by the leadership of Boston’s Jewish community. With the Jewish leaders’ blessing, the late Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was persuaded to give the Islamic extremists, who call themselves the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), a 90% discount on public land. And yet, so far, 14 of the mosque’s leaders and members have been killed, imprisoned, or declared fugitives from the law for their involvement in Islamic terrorism.

Feoktistov names names and organizations who betrayed — and who continue to betray — the interests of Boston and its Jewish community.

Readers will be surprised to learn how the heads of ADL, JCRC, and CJP chose to embrace an organization that came to Boston to radicalize the Hub’s historically moderate Muslim community.

The book takes no prisoners. It offers a clear-eyed view of the most daunting truths: both about the Islamists and their fools.

The book is available on Amazon, and APT is holding a series of book discussions in and around Boston, New York, and Miami.

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