Jewish Orgs Led Push for Bail Reform Law That’s Now Setting Anti-Semites Loose in New York

New York Jewish leaders enabled attacks on Jews

Thanks in part to New York’s new bail reform law, Jews are being beaten in the streets of New York with impunity. The law eliminates bail and requires pre-trial release for those charged with many violent and heinous crimes, such as second-degree manslaughter, aggravated vehicular homicide, criminal possession of a gun, and dozens of other serious charges.

Yet it was New York’s establishment Jewish leadership which led the lobbying effort to pass bail reform.

In a misguided effort to embrace the far left, which hates Jewish peoplehood and Israel, a national coalition of 125 local Jewish Community Relations Councils hired someone who helped torture a man to death over drug money as its chief lobbyist for the “criminal justice reform” legislation that has now created an “open season” on Jews in New York. The ADL has invited the convicted felon to speak across the country, organizing Jewish communities in many cities to push for bail reform in their own states.

Read our exposé, “New York’s Jewish Elite Bail Out,” at the American Thinker, then call and write your local JCRC todemand that it publicly rescind its support for laws that let Jew-bashers go free.

Jewish leaders are failing to protect the community.

There will be a reckoning!

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