Failed Leadership

WATCH: Gentiles Protecting Jews in NYC

Guardian Angels leader: Jewish leaders “need to develop a set of onions”

The wonderful Guardian Angels have come to the Jewish neighborhoods of New York to protect the Jews again — because our leaders have failed.

Curtis Sliwa, leader of the Angels, is a hero.

Almost 20 years ago, in 2001, he was arrested along with APT president Charles Jacobs at a protest against the Islamic enslavement of blacks in Sudan. And almost 30 years ago, Sliwa and his men spent three whole months protecting the Jewish community during the Crown Heights Riots of 1991.

Curtis Sliwa is arrested with Charles Jacobs at a New York street protest against the enslavement of black Africans by Arabs in Sudan — May 2, 2001.

You can show your appreciation by sending a donation to Curtis Sliwa and the Alliance of Guardian Angels so that they can continue in this good work. Their website is

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