Had Enough? Help Us Challenge, Reform, or Replace Failed Jewish Leadership

We are in a crisis: the American Jewish community may fail without different, courageous leadership

For decades now, the unelected heads of the major national and local Jewish organizations have failed to confront the growing threats to our community. Their failures — noted below — have placed us in danger. The Federations, the JCRCs, the Reform Movement’s leadership, and the ADL have:

• Failed to mobilize and prioritize communal resources to protect us from physical and ideological assaults;

• Wasted precious resources to promote progressive politics;

• Ignored the fast-growing Jew-hatred promoted by “progressives” in our schools, our media, and our politics;

• Failed to effectively address Jew-hatred from “liberal” mainline Protestant churches;

• Remained silent in the face of the genocidal teachings of Islamists in mosques and Islamic community centers;

• Failed to condemn Jewish organizations who promoted the destruction of Israel and of Jewish peoplehood;

• Ignored the explosion of Jew-hatred by certain groups within the black community, especially those in leadership positions in Congress and academia;

• Ignored the failure of Jewish education that has resulted in the formation of hateful, cult-like Jewish organizations preying on naïve, vulnerable, and ill-informed Jewish youth;

• Failed to effectively respond to the hostile environment for Jews on college campuses, and to the growing hostility in K-12 education funded with billions of dollars by the anti-Semitic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar;

• Suppressed, censored, and even attacked dissenting voices within our own community.

We believe there is a moral duty to explain to the mass of American Jews that the people they thought were there to defend them have failed, and to explain how and why this happened.

We are working with groups around the country who think as we do, and who will take action to challenge, pressure, reform or remove our failed leaders.

We are also convening book discussions in the Boston area. We are:

• Exposing radical Islamic networks in Boston. In November, Encounter Press published Terror in the Cradle of Liberty, written by our Executive Director, Ilya Feoktistov. The book, an exciting page turner, is a detailed and dramatic account of how Boston became a Hub of Islamic extremism, and reveals the colossal failure of Boston’s Jewish leaders to tell the public what they knew about the Muslim Brotherhood mega-mosque in Roxbury. The book is available on Amazon. We are also holding book discussions in the Boston area.

• Continuing the battle against anti-Israel and anti-Semitic K-12 education in the Newton schools and beyond. Biased curricula against Israel in America’s public schools is the gateway to indoctrination of the next generation of Jew-haters. Stay tuned for upcoming news.

If you have confidence in establishment Jewish leadership you should ignore this letter. If you are concerned about their ability to protect the community, then we ask you to join our efforts.

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