The Jewish Community Will Fail — Unless We Replace Our Failed Leadership

Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled on “The Rock” at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville — September 12, 2019. (Jaime Marquis / Twitter)

The call for a Jewish Awakening

As we enter 2020, we can no longer be in denial of a harsh truth: We are under siege. We are under constant and mounting assault — in the streets, in the media, on the campus, and increasingly in Congress. Yet those responsible for defending the community — the leaders of the Jewish establishment have failed, and they have not been held to account.

Since its founding, Americans for Peace and Tolerance has tried — with reason, data, logic, and evidence — to persuade failing Jewish leaders to confront the growing hostility toward Jews in America. We had hoped that Jewish leaders would wake up, fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities to the community, acknowledge the ugly realities we face, change their failed policies and start to fight back. We and other organizations who have tried to influence the leadership, must now confront the sad fact that our leaders are either in denial of reality or incompetent.

The establishment leadership’s confusion — its inability to comprehend the nature and extent of the new threats we face — combined with its loyalty to progressive causes, has reduced it to a bloated, impotent, but well-paid, bureaucracy, unable to counter the growing hostility toward Jews.

In a recent published op-ed, we call for failed Jewish leadership to do the honorable thing and resign. Read it here.

We are now working together with individuals and organizations across the country to mobilize the community to confront our leadership crisis. After over 300 years, the most successful Jewish community in the Diaspora will fail — unless the current establishment leadership is replaced.

We urge Jewish community members to confront local and national leaders, including the major donors who fund them, and hold them accountable for their failures to protect the community. They stand indicted for their failure to declare a state of emergency and mobilize communal resources to stop this epidemic of Jew-hatred.

During this holiday of Jewish liberation, we call for a Jewish Awakening, a revolt against failed Jewish leadership.

Please read our recent op-ed in The Alegmeiner.

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