Shocker: The ADL Hides its Own Findings — Betrays Jews to Protect American Muslims

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt at the ADL’s annual gala in Los Angeles — November 6, 2014. (Michael Kovac / WireImage via Getty Images)

The ADL, the “Defense Department of American Jewry,” is actively deceiving the American Jewish community about the disturbing findings of its global polling which shows that Islamic Jew-hatred tops any other kind.

In the spring of 2014, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released the first of three surveys on anti-Semitism. It was conducted in 102 countries across the globe, with the other two following in 2015 (centering on Europe) and 2017 (on the U.S.).

The research uncovered a set of alarming facts:

• Muslims are between 2 and 4.5 times more likely to hold anti-Semitic views than those of any other tradition: Worldwide, by religious affiliation, 49% of Muslims hate Jews, compared with 24% of Christians, 21% of atheists, 19% of Hindus, and 17% of Buddhists.

• In the U.S., 34% of American Muslims hold anti-Semitic views, compared to 14% of the rest of America.

• In the heavily Muslim Middle East and North Africa, a total of 74% of the polled population held anti-Semitic views.

• The 16 most anti-Jewish countries out of the 102 were all Islamic nations.

• In the top 10 countries, extreme anti-Semitic views averaged between 80 and 93% among their populations.

ADL leaders are having a terrible problem with these poll results: nothing could be more politically incorrect than a finding that Islamic Jew-hatred tops any other sort of anti-Semitism. Publicizing this tragic, dangerous reality and then trying to deal with it would define ADL’s mission. But its mission flies in the face of its current policy which is to align itself as much as possible with the Democratic Party and the left side of American politics.

To stay anchored in the left, the ADL has had no choice but to bury its findings about Muslim anti-Semitism. The ADL knows it cannot educate Jews about how and why they are hated more broadly among Muslim peoples than among any other without being branded as “Islamophobic.” Progressives would dismiss the objective facts and insist on only one thing: that it is sinful to speak in public about the disproportionate level of Muslim Jew-hatred because it would damage the standing of America’s Muslims. Understanding this all too well, the ADL is now forced into cover-up mode.

If this seems far-fetched, then look no further than the ADL’s senior vice president, as she is forced to explain to a Congressional hearing on hate crimes why the ADL is downplaying the very Muslim anti-Semitism it uncovered.

ADL Official Tries to Explain Away the ADL’s Own Research (April 9, 2019)

Referring to her organization’s data on Muslim anti-Semitism, ADL Vice President Eileen Hershenov rambled that “that’s non-violent — looking at attitudes [towards Jews], and the ADL does track that. …[V]ulnerable, marginalized communities have bigotry within them.”

But wait: Clearly the Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa who hate Jews are by no means “vulnerable or marginalized” minorities there. Covering up Muslim anti-Semitism can only be understood as part and parcel of the ADL’s domestic policy of clinging to the left, which forbids any and all criticism of religious or racial minorities — except, of course, of Jews.

Since Muslims in America are seen by the left as “vulnerable” and “marginalized,” the ADL must abandon its mission and refuse to tell its own Jewish community about a real threat it faces.

ADL policy is driven not by Jewish needs for self-defense, but by the organization’s left-wing policy agenda. The ADL is now actually prioritizing the protection of American Muslims over the protection of American Jews.

Perhaps the organization should now be called “Al-Defamation League.”

Meanwhile, earlier that same day, let us never forget how the ZOA’s Morton Klein, using the ADL’s own data from those three surveys, bravely tried to explain to Congress that these findings are important and demonstrate a real problem for American Jews. Klein’s mic was cut off by Chair Jerry Nadler, whose party is no longer your father’s Democratic Party, but has become the party of “intersectionality.”

ZOA President Mort Klein Tells Congress: Islamic Jew-Hatred Threatens American Jews (April 9, 2019)

Any sane ADL donor should immediately switch his funding to ZOA and the courageous Mort Klein.

APT’s analysis of data on Muslim anti-Semitism:

Throughout history, generally speaking, people have tended to believe what their religious and political leaders tell them. After the Holocaust, leaders of European countries made significant strides in discouraging religious hatred of Jews. The religious and political leadership of the Muslim world, unfortunately, has since made significant strides in the other direction.

The failure of American Jewish leadership is not a new phenomenon — think of Rabbi Wise during World War II. Without strong leadership, the Jewish community will be marginalized and may ultimately fail. These are indeed challenging times for the Jewish people.

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