Action Alert: Boston University Set to Hire Blatantly Anti-Semitic “Professor”

Boston University to hire radical anti-Israel lecturer

Sarah Ihmoud says Jews are rapists and Jewish women orgasm to fantasies of the IDF bombing Palestinian civilians.

Education without Indoctrination (EWI) calls for action to stop Boston University from becoming a platform for Jew-hate.

Please take action.

Sarah Ihmoud, “Postdoctoral Associate in Anthropology and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies,” and anti-Israel zealot, currently under consideration for a teaching post at Boston University.





BU has not yet made the offer to Sarah Ihmoud but it is imminent and we need to act quickly.

She co-authored Sexual Violence, Women’s Bodies, and Israeli Settler Colonialism available here and all over Palestinian websites, and she presented this paper at BU.

Here is an excerpt:

“Rape and killing of Palestinian women was a central aspect of Israeli troops’ systematic massacres and evictions during the destruction of Palestinian villages in 1948. During the Deir Yassin massacre, for instance:

All the inhabitants were ordered into the village square. Here, they were lined up against a wall and shot. One eyewitness said her sister, who was nine months pregnant, was shot in the back of the neck. Her assailants then cut open her stomach with a butcher’s knife and extracted the unborn baby. When an Arab woman tried to take the baby, she was shot… Women were raped before the eyes of their children before being murdered and dumped down the well.”

And another one, which claims that the brutality and sexual violence against Palestinian women is an ongoing policy:

Israeli officials’ repressive policies and incitement against the Palestinian people work to empower and embolden Israeli settler society to embody the power of the state and viciously attack Palestinians. This is clearly exhibited in the attacks on Palestinian women’s bodies inside Al-Aqsa mosque these last weeks in Jerusalem, by both settler publics empowered by the state’s military protection, and members of the state security forces. A recent example of the daily scene of sexual violence is Israeli border police’s violent beating and arrest of Aida, a Palestinian woman from the old city of Jerusalem. When she tried to enter Al-Aqsa mosque, border police attacked and brutally beat Aida. They tore off her hijab and pulled her by her hair, as they continued to beat her through the streets of the old city, and dragged her into the police car. She was then taken to the police station, where she was violently interrogated, further beaten and accused of attacking a police officer. Security forces’ brutalization and violation of Aida’s body, and attempts to mark her as an inherently criminal other, are a form of gendered and sexual violence. The legalization of such forms of violence marks the Israeli legal system itself as deeply embedded in the settler colonial project’s machinery of elimination.”

There are claims of criminal actions and pronouncements attributed to Jewish leaders and community similar to the blood libel, accusations of poisoning of the wells, etc. NONE of them is supported by any references to evidence because the supporting evidence does not exist — the claims made are false. The paper, like all of Ihmoud’s writings, is not simply anti-Israeli, it is blatantly anti-Semitic and unsupported by any facts and does not merit “academic scholarship” status.

Boston University should not hire a person who portrays Jews as rapists, Jewish leaders and academics as promoting rape, Jewish women as having orgasms while thinking about bombs being dropped on Gaza, and more. This hateful propaganda, posing as scholarship, is no different from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the crudest German junk science proving that Jews are genetically inferior to Aryans.



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