Black People are Still Slaves. Why Haven’t You Heard about Them?

An artist’s representation of black slaves standing in despair as they are sold at auction on the East African island of Zanzibar. (Mohammad Ali Marizad / Flickr)

Black people are owned as chattel slaves in five African countries, but the human rights establishment continues to abandon them

Charles Jacobs reports on the enslavement of blacks by Muslims across Africa in a new article in The Federalist. He explains why Western human rights organizations have adopted a policy to ignore them.

Please send this piece to your black friends… they can, perhaps better than anyone, stoke efforts to free the slaves, like we did in Sudan.

See fuller documentation of black enslavement in Muslim dominated areas at

You can also bring the message to your community, by hosting a speaking event with Francis Buk, an eloquent Sudanese American who escaped a childhood of slavery and made his way to America.

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