Al Sharpton Betrayed the African Slaves He Promised to Help — The Inside Story

Reverend Al Sharpton in Sudan in April of 2001. (Al Sharpton / Twitter)

Al Sharpton promised to help liberate black slaves in Sudan — then he double-crossed them

In 2001, the Reverend Al Sharpton traveled to Sudan to witness the liberation of black slaves captured in jihad raids on African Christian villages.

Sharpton spoke with the freed slaves and promised them he would make sure the world learned of their plight. Upon his return to America, however, he met with Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam — and then changed his mind.

Dr. Charles Jacobs, whose American Anti-Slavery Group led a citizens’ movement to free black slaves in Sudan, describes and explains Sharpton’s betrayal in a new article in the American Thinker.

Today, in five African countries, blacks are captured, bought, sold, and owned by Arabs and Muslims. For details, go to

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