ADL Flees from its Own Research Showing Islamic Jew-Hatred Poses Enormous Dangers

Dr. Andrew Bostom’s recent presentation to the ZOA reveals how the ADL hid its own research on Islamic anti-Semitism. Did the ADL deem its findings too “Islamophobic?” Has America’s venerable Jewish defense agency simply become a Democratic Party operation?

Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of several books on Islamic anti-Semitism, reveals how the ADL buried the findings of its own research that clearly demonstrated Islamic Jew-hatred is today’s most prevalent threat to Europe’s Jews.

In the lecture, Bostom develops his argument that deep-seated animus against Jews is a phenomenon deeply embedded in Islamic history and theology. This view is broadly censored not only by the ADL, but by the mainstream media, and labeled “Islamophobic” by defenders of the “Islam is the Religion of Peace” meme.

Take a look and judge for yourselves.

Andrew Bostom: "The Rising Scourge of Islamic Antisemitism"
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