Jewish Bigs Admit: We Won’t Act against American Imams Who Preach “Kill the Jews”

Even when “moderate” Muslim leaders preach “Kill the Jews,” Jewish leaders refuse to act

Yigal Carmon created the translation service MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) to help prevent Westerners from being hoodwinked by Arabic speakers who sound moderate in English, but who speak their true minds in Arabic to their own audiences.

In the interview below, Carmon reveals that after he caught American imams telling their congregations to kill Jews — right here in the U.S. — he asked Jewish leaders what they would do about it. They told him they wouldn’t say a word.

Yigal Carmon thinks they are cowards.

Sadly, many of us who have tried for over a decade to encourage Jewish leaders to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to the community can only nod in agreement.

In Boston, this reluctance to deal with the ugly reality has turned the JCRC and ADL into “useful idiots.” They have legitimized the radical leaders of the ISB mega-mosque, and helped them become accepted as “moderates” in Boston civic society.

The Jewish community is under siege worldwide. We are assaulted physically and ideologically from three sources: radical Muslims, progressives, and neo-Nazis. Dialogue may be helpful but it ignores the problem. Dialogue is not going to make the campuses safe for Jewish students or reduce the need for armed guards at Jewish institutions. Unless we have strong and fearless leaders America will become like Europe, where Jews have no future.

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