Islamic Center of New England Promotes Anti-Jewish, Slavery-Apologist

– Joshua E.


On Saturday, June 18, the Islamic Center of New England in Sharon, MA will host a Ramadan Fundraising Dinner, featuring the extremist cleric, Abdul Nasir Jangda.

Jangda is a fundamentalist Texas Imam who is the founder and rector of the extremist Qalam Institute, and an instructor at the Bayyinah Institute. He is notorious for expressing anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and misogynist rhetoric.

According to detailed notes published by one of Jangda’s students during one of his seminars, Jangda has defended the use of female sex slaves within Islam. Jangda reportedly concluded that, “Slavery in Islam … is vastly different and superior morally and spiritually to the atrocious, obscene, and vile Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.”

Furthermore, Jangda reportedly expressed support for the killing of apostates and adulterers; claimed that a wife cannot refuse her husband sex: “The thing to understand is that the husband has his set of divinely given rights one of which is the right to have his physical desires satisfied”; and called for people who drink alcohol to be beaten: “One of the largest causes of death in the United States is drunk driving. Such policies would help curb them immensely and avoid harm to the people at large.”

Elsewhere, in a video called “A Tour of Paradise and Hellfire”, Jangda explains the fate of disbelievers: there will be “shackles around necks of disbelievers and blazing fire for them. Then they will be chained up with so many chains they will be walking around the fire pits of hell dragging these chains. And then they will be put inside the fire and burned to a crisp.”

In another video, Jangda again graphically describes the fate of the “disbelievers”: they will be “led like animals to the fire in Hell in groups. And then they reach the gates of the fire of Hell. And then those gates will be opened…And they’ll be obediently following and they’ll be carrying a burden on their backs….”

In other videos, Jangda qualifies the “disbelievers” as the Jews and Christians of Mecca, who were “some really bad people.” Furthermore, in a 2015 address to the annual Islamic Circle of North America-Muslim American Society conference, Jangda refers to the “excessive, evil, and malicious” questions of Arabian Jews.

Jangda, who frequently presents sermons about the iniquities and treacheries of the Jews during the time of Islam’s Prophet, describes Jews in this period as a “really bad people” who opposed the peaceful message of Islam and “liked the trouble because they were able to pull the strings and maintain some type of advantage in the community through political maneuvering. … They were very hateful, very spiteful.”

Derogatory references to the “disbelievers,” and especially Jews, abound throughout his podcast series, published on the Qalam Institute’s website, about the history of Mohammed and the early Muslims. Talking about Banu Nadir, a Jewish tribe living in Medina when Mohammed and his followers came into the city, Jangda emphasizes their “deception, combativeness, and defiance,” and says that if they do not change their ways “the punishment of the hereafter awaits them.”

Jangda next cites a warning that Allah sent to these Jews: “Say to these people that disbelieve and continue to pick a fight with you that one day we’ll come, when you will be defeated. And that defeat will extend not only to this life but to the life of the hereafter. To where your defeat will take you to the fire of Hell.”

Jangda also refers to “hypocrites,” Arabs who refuse to accept Islam: “those who truly believe will recognize the hypocrites… that they belong with you, the Jews, the enemy. They have wasted their deeds and they will regret this.”

At the June 18 event, Jangda will be joined by Yousef Abdullah, a senior representative of Islamic Relief USA, a Muslim Brotherhood charity designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

In America, Islamic Relief USA has been appointed by the United Nations to provide “emergency humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, worth $6 million.” From 2015-16, Islamic Relief USA received $370,000 of taxpayers’ money.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance, however, has uncovered that the former chairman of IR-USA, Mohamed Amr Attawia, is openly listed in a 1991 phone directory as the director of the New England Muslim Brotherhood. Attawia was also once the vice-president of the Muslim American Society, which federal prosecutors have labelled the “overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

Other IR-USA officials include: Ahmed Shehata, who appears to have been among 21 Muslim Brotherhood leaders arrested in Egypt in 2009; and Hamdy Radwan, who describes the terror group Hamas – a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate – as “freedom fighters.”

As for the Islamic Center of New England (ICNE), it has an unfortunate history of extremism. After 1999, when the ICNE hired a new imam, Hafiz Masood, the ICNE’s sermons and teachings had turned increasingly extremist. In an email obtained by APT, one moderate Muslim complained about Imam Masood’s teachings, writing that “in my view, this type of talks to young generations is creating hate toward the U.S. and its peoples, which includes us too.”

The moderate leadership of the mosque discovered that Masood was the brother of Pakistani arch-terrorist Hafiz Saeed, who masterminded the 2008 Mumbai Massacre. After the attacks on Mumbai, in which 164 people were gunned down, the Times of India reported that the ICNE’s Masood was raising money and recruiting for his brother’s terrorist group in the Boston area.

Imam Masood went on to be arrested for filing a fraudulent religious worker visa and was deported to Pakistan. He is now the director of communications for his brother’s terrorist group.

Another young ICNE member, Ahmad Abousamra, who was part of Masood’s tightly-knit study circles, went on to become a social media guru for the Islamic State, driving the group’s slick Twitter and Facebook propaganda recruitment machine.

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