CAIR Florida leader Hassan Shibly: Homosexuality “evil,” “a quick way to earn God’s wrath”

In the wake of the Islamist massacre at an Orlando gay club, CAIR Florida leader Hassan Shibly told Time Magazine that he wants to send his “overwhelming love and support and unity” to the LGBT community. Yet his social media history shows that Shibly is not quite as loving and supportive of homosexuals as he now makes himself out to be.

Shibly Homosexuality

Shibly has called homosexuality an evil and has written on Facebook that it is a “quick way to earn God’s wrath.” In a lengthy Facebook discourse on gay marriage, Shibly wrote (page 8):

“In studying all the Abrahmic faiths, it is clear without a doubt, that homosexuality like premarital sex, is considered a terrible sin. In fact, all Abrahamic faiths prohibit anal sexual intercourse even between a husband and wife. The faiths also prohibit all types of homosexual activity not to mention that they clearly do not authorize marriage based upon such a sin. All Abrahamic faiths clearly and unequivocally prohibit homosexuality, premarital sex, and homosexual marriage.”

Actually, that is plain wrong. There are dozens of Christian denominations that are LGBT-affirming. And even Conservative Judaism now accepts gay marriage.

It’s true that there are bigots in every religion. But Shibly himself echoes that bigotry, writing:

“If God says marriage is solely between a man and women, or, if He permits polygamy, then so be it. Who are we to question God? A slave has no authority to question the King in his own kingdom.”

P.S. Homosexuality is not the only topic on which Mr. Shibly’s views can be said to be very extreme. Lots of material here.

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