Harvard Hosts Muslim Brotherhood Conference

On Wednesday 13, Harvard Law School hosted an event organised by Egyptians Abroad for Democracy, the overseas branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the violent Islamist movement.

Speakers included:


  • Said Abdelfatah – a Professor at the University of Cairo and the former advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi.
  • Sunjeev Bery – a senior Amnesty International official who is a noted apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood as well as its terrorist off-shoot, Hamas.
  • Abdul Mawgoud Dardery – an Egyptian parliamentarian and a prominent spokesperson for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Wael Qandil – the editor of Al Araby Al Jadeed, a Qatari-funded media organization accused by Egyptian newspapers of being a Muslim Brotherhood front group. Al Arabiya describes Qandil as a prominent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Nahla Nasser a spokesperson for Egyptians Abroad for Democracy who claims Jews attack pro-Palestinian activists.
  • Norman Finkelstein – a discredited academic who has praised the “heroic resistance” of the Lebanese terrorist organisation Hezbollah. Finkelstein has also favourably compared Hezbollah with the French resistance against the Nazis. Finkelstein’s website is replete with references to Jews as Nazis. When the German publication, Die Weltsaid to Finkelstein: “You call the holocaust an ideology”, he replied: “To be more precise, an ideological construction, that originally served the interests of the Jewish elite in America and has now degenerated into a money-making instrument. It has become a extortion racket.”
  • Mohmed Elmasry – an academic at the University of North Alabama who is a prominent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and claims that moderate Muslim opposition to the violent Islamist group is akin to the Nazis’ murder of European Jews.
  • Sara Flounders and Ramsey Clark – prominent far-Left activists. The ADL has reported: “In January 2010, Ramsey Clark participated in a conference in Beirut in which various terrorist groups called for the destruction of Israel. A year before, Clark and IAC’s co-director Sara Flounders joined representatives of Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations at a similar conference to discuss strategies for supporting Hamas and opposing Israeli and American interests in the Middle East.”
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