AJC/JCRC join Boston Globe in misleading the public about the Newton school situation

The AJC and JCRC issued yesterday a “Joint Statement” which is extremely misleading and unfair to concerned Newton parents, residents and activists. It also reinforces the malicious reporting by the Boston Globe which falsely claimed Jewish activists at the City Hall meeting heckled a black woman. (It’s not clear how the reporter could identify Jews in the crowd- or why it was important to report on the religious affiliation of these Newton residents)

From the April 8th Globe article: “At points, it devolved into a forum where Jewish activists heckled an African-American woman who spoke of her son being called a vulgar racist slur at school, …”

From the April 9th Globe print: “…..an African-American mother who described her son’s experiences with racism in the Newton schools was heckled.”

Here is a video clip from the City Hall meeting – judge for yourself: https://youtu.be/eQ6C-tir5xU

Unfortunately, this slander was then used as a basis for the joint statement by AJC and JCRC.  The statement ignores the failure of Newton school officials to deal effectively with anti-Israel propaganda that is being incorporated into public education.

As you may recall, two years ago there was another joint statement issued by Boston Jewish leaders, which assured the community that there is no anti-Israel bias in Newton schools.


So it seems that AJC and JCRC joined the Boston Globe in turning the issue of “Burn the Jews” graffiti and swastikas, and Saudi and UAE funding of leftist anti-Zionist “educational” materials   into a civility lesson for “Jews Behaving Badly.”

We are searching all “joint statements” by Boston Jewish leaders to see how many were issued on such local topics as the anti-Semitism at Harvard, or at BU, or at NEU, or at any social-justice liberal churches.

We are still hopeful that the Jewish leadership in Boston will join us in fighting against hateful education that masquerades as ‘critical thinking’ and ‘global education.”

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