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Charles-JcobsCharles Jacobs
This is an altered version of an article first published at the Jewish Advocate

The daughter of our friends, a nurse at a major Jerusalem hospital, fears for her life every time she goes to work. Many of her colleagues are Israeli Arabs who have easy access to scalpels and sharp instruments all throughout the building. How can she, who dedicates herself to closing the wounds of both Arabs and Jews, escape the fear that at any moment during her day one of these people might pick up a scalpel and plunge it into her back?

Why? Because every Palestinian is told by their media and self-proclaimed leaders the lethal lie that Jews mean to destroy Al Aqsa mosque and are, in the words of Prime Minister Abbas, defiling it every day with their “dirty feet.”

16p1.previewThis is “the knifing jihad.” Reader, you are three clicks away from video clips of Arabs stabbing Jews, running them over with cars, chopping at their necks with hatchets. Another click gets you to a Palestinian little girl stabbing her toy doll, demonstrating how she’d do it to any of our children. Click again to find an Imam, knife in hand, sermonizing on the supremely moral act of killing a Jew. Throughout the Muslim world these images evoke glee.

Much of world Jewry, though distanced from these immediate threats, now walks in a shadow of unease. Even here in America many Jews are worried. What of the arrival on our shores of John Kerry’s 10,000 Syrian refugees? What really are American mosques preaching about Jews? The tides seem to be turning against us, and worse: we sense we are being betrayed.

Betrayed by the Iran deal. The Democratic Party, political home of most American Jews, provided Iran with a clear and legal pathway to nuclear weapons after 10 or 15 years. Soon the agreement will grant billions to Iranian Mullahs, who will target Jews with smuggled weapons, hit squads, and terror proxies.

Betrayed by Europe. Waves of refugees from the Syrian war will besiege Europe’s Jewish communities with hundreds of thousands of Muslims – many of whom were raised on a diet of Jew-hatred. As Manfred Gerstenfeld reminds us: “In the current century all murders of Jews in Europe because they are Jews…have been committed by Muslims.

Even before this fresh onslaught, the Jews of Europe have sustained unrelenting political and physical assault by the growing Left/Islamist (or “Red/Green”) Alliance, which holds Israel, and its supporters in the West, responsible for all the world’s ills. Much of Jewry has concluded that Europe’s Jews should leave before it is too late. Europe will betray them — as it is betraying itself. Betrayed by the “international community.” The world is silent in the face of Jew-hunting. John Kerry feels no outrage. He is evenhanded. The UN, the NGOs, all those who lecture us on the importance of caring about humanity and acting virtuously are silent – or worse. The media, and its moralizing journalists who long ago gave up on truth to promote an ideological narrative “for a better world” – now seem to justify collective punishment for Jews. The NYT, BBC, CNN, MSNBC all produce morally perverted “reports,” with inverted headlines. The New York Times, in a paroxysm of “evenhandedness,” declared itself agnostic on the question of whether the Temple Mount itself is a false Jewish claim.

Yet perhaps what is most painful is the behavior of two groups of American Jews – our confused leaders and our Jewish “progressives.” Knowing the growing Islamist threats faced by Europe’s Jews, no group has been more vociferous than American Jewish leaders, rabbinic and secular, about the absolute need for Jews here to assist Muslim refugees to enter Europe – no matter what. Locally and nationally, rabbis have – with much emotion – insisted that we see ourselves in the faces of these refugees, but somehow not in the faces of our besieged brothers and sisters in Europe who will reap the whirlwind.

Most disheartening are the actions of “progressive” Jewish groups — J Street (launched by funding from billionaire hater of Israel, George Soros) and the New Israel Fund (with so many dollars of Israel’s European enemies), who “contextualize” the murders, who “understand” the stabbers and who come just inches away from justifying the murder of Jews. After all, if Israel doesn’t cede the West Bank “for peace” they tell us, then we all just can expect this to continue. The Palestinians’ rage, after all, is understandable. No, they should not stick a knife into a Jewish woman, but, but, but. Progressives must signal their universalism by publicly renouncing their old tribal identity. If a progressive’s apartment building were on fire, he might feel guilty about racing past his neighbor’s door to save his own child. Aligning themselves with “the other” provides Jewish progressives with feel-good moral superiority. In many cities, these organizations were invited into the communal Jewish tent for the sake of unity. What we got instead is an ideological knife in the back. It’s time to show them the door.

Charles Jacobs is the head of Americans for Peace & Tolerance.

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