Politico Mag cover story: “Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad”

Three years ago, we released a documentary called “Losing Our Sons,” which warned that a dangerous network of radical Islamists based in Tennessee was inciting local Muslims against America and promoting terrorist activity. Tennessee civic and religious leaders dismissed our claims. “The Tennessean” newspaper smeared us as Islamophobes and assured the state’s citizens that there was nothing to worry about. Sadly, after Chattanooga, our concerns are being vindicated. A major cover page article in Politico Magazine explores our findings and the lead up to the Chattanooga attacks. Unfortunately for the five members of our military murdered by Mohammad Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, it’s a little too late. Their tragic deaths should be a source of shame to those who dismissed the danger of Islamist radicals living in Tennessee. This is a must-read article, click through to read it.

Tennessee seems an unlikely birthplace for American jihad. Yet long before the five U.S. service members were murdered this past week in Chattanooga, before the Boston Marathon bombers, the Fort Hood shooting or the rise of the Islamic State, it was another troubled teenager from the same state who embarked on a journey of jihad and ended in the first deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil after 9/11.

“Every day I wake up in the morning and hear about how radical Islamists have killed somebody else or blown something up, but six years ago my family and I were ignorant and totally alone in dealing with what was happening,” Melvin Bledsoe says. “It never even occurred to me that my son could be ripped out of his own culture, and brainwashed and programmed to become someone else.

Losing Our Sons (Full Movie in HD)
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