Government ignored warnings about Islamist threat to military in Tennessee

The terrorist attack in Chattanooga, TN is not the first Islamist attack on military recruiting centers originating in Tennessee. In 2011, Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) released a documentary film – Losing Our Sons — about the 2009 murder of Private Andy Long at an Army-Navy recruitment center in Little Rock, Arkansas by a Tennessee man, Carlos Bledsoe, who converted to Islam and was radicalized in Tennessee. The documentary investigated and warned about an extremist network of mosques and imams in Tennessee that had indoctrinated Carlos and sent him for training with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

Losing Our Sons (Trailer)

This radical network remains in place in Tennessee. Despite the documentary’s wide coverage and multiple Congressional hearings on the Little Rock recruitment center attack, the safeguards that could have prevented the Chattanooga terrorist attack on the Navy recruitment centers were not put in place.

“Losing Our Sons” explicitly warned that such attacks will happen again. We have been warning for four years about the threat to the men and women in uniform in the Volunteer State from the Tennessee Islamist network we’ve uncovered during the course of producing “Losing Our Sons.” These warnings went unheeded by the Obama administration and the local and national media.

Watch the entire “Losing Our Sons” documentary here:

Losing Our Sons (Full Movie in HD)
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