What is the “Axis of Hope” at Boston University?

What is the “Axis of Hope” at Boston University?

Axis of Hope is a non-profit organization founded by Boston University Professor Carl Hobert in 2002. Its stated idealistic mission is: “developing in young adults an understanding of alternative, non-violent approaches to resolving complex conflicts locally, nationally and internationally.”

Axis of Hope operates out of the Global Literacy Institute at Boston University’s school of Education where Carl Hobert is Faculty Director. This Center primarily targets its workshops to private and public middle and high schools throughout the country.

Axis of Hope, workshops incorporate case studies combined with simulation exercises to teach students about international conflicts and current events, including lessons in developing diplomatic skills to peacefully resolve conflicts.

Hobert claims that this hands-on learning approach will foster empathy and effective global citizenship leading to a more peaceful world.

Under the guise of “critical thinking”, “dialogue for peace”, “conflict resolution skills” and “global understanding” Axis of Hope promotes a simplistic and biased political agenda. Hobert proudly touts the 5Cs: communication, compassion, comprehension, compromise and co-existence, as a revolutionary diplomatic formula to resolve global and ethnic conflicts.

In developing Axis of Hope teaching materials Hoberts sought the advice of radical anti-American, anti Israel professors including Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT and Professor Denis Sullivan of Northeastern University.

Axis of Hope workshops emphasize transforming knowledge into political action. The students’ workshop assignments reflect an activist political agenda to influence US foreign politics.

Political Advocacy is not consistent with academic integrity.

Instead of providing students with a scholarly and factually honest education, the workshops are used to enlist students as political activists for an ideological cause.

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