Anti-Semitic Incidents in Newton and Anti-Israel Bias in Newton’s School Curriculum

There have been a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in the Newton schools, including swastikas and “burn the Jews” graffiti. In addition, a Catholic school’s basketball team’s fans taunted Jewish players from Newton with “you killed Jesus” – for which there was an immediate apology from the Catholic authorities and the students.

We commend Newton Mayor Setti Warren for taking these incidents seriously and for calling a Community-wide Meeting to inform Newton residents of his plans to deal with these matters at City Hall this Thursday, April 7 at 6:30PM in the War Memorial Room.

However, if Mayor Warren wants to respond forcefully to anti-Semitism, he needs to investigate how anti-Israel bias has penetrated Newton’s school curricula and he needs to have it removed.

We helped Newton parents force School Superintendent Fleishman to remove a Saudi funded text that taught students in Newton that Jews in Israel murder Palestinian women in jails. It took years of pressure.

But there is much more, and the School Committee is refusing to release to the public what they are teaching about the Middle East.

We know much of what is being taught. We were forced to spend thousands of dollars in a Freedom of Information Request to get hold of it.

We are about to release our video on the school curricula in Newton public schools. You will get it tomorrow.

Please review the video and come to Mayor Setti Warren’s meeting on Thursday at City Hall at 6:30PM in the War Memorial Room and ask him to publicly disclose what they teach inside Newton’s classrooms about the Jews in Israel.

Thank you,
Charles Jacobs, President

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