APT Releases English Translation of Alberto Nisman’s Original 2006 Report Implicating Iran in the AMIA Bombing


February 4, 2015


As the Argentine authorities investigate the death of the federal persecutor Alberto Nisman, Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) announced today the release and dissemination of an English translation of his original 674-page 2006 investigative report on the bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) in Buenos Aires. The July 18, 1994 attack on AMIA killed 85 and injured at least 151 people. The report convinced Interpol that Iran was behind the Buenos Aires bomb/massacre at AMIA.

Alberto Nisman’s 2006 Report and Request for Arrests in the Case of the Buenos Aires Jewish Center Bom…

According to the 2006 report, “the decision to carry out the AMIA attack was made, and the attack was orchestrated, by the highest officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran” who “instructed Lebanese Hezbollah … to carry out the attack.” Nisman identified the Hezbollah operative who conducted the suicide bombing and petitioned the court to issue arrest warrants for the Iranian leaders including the President, the Minister of Intelligence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the head of the Revolutionary Guard.

APT’s President Charles Jacobs explained: “I had the privilege to interview Nisman in 2009 in Buenos Aires. He gave me the document and I passed it on to journalists doing research on the matter at the time. Now, with questions swirling about his death, Iran’s possible involvement, and the possible ties being suggested between his death and the Iranian-U.S. negotiations, we’ve decided it to make the entire, detailed document available to the public.”

“Apart from its actual contents, this document demonstrates how careful, creative and courageous was the life and work of Alberto Nisman. He developed a unique understanding of Tehran’s use of terror as a tool of foreign policy. Others wrote about the report soon after it was created, but we want to release and disseminate the full version more widely now because Nisman’s tragic death has awakened the public’s concern over Iran, Hezbollah, and the continuing spread of Islamist violence worldwide.”

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Iranian officials’ actions that led to the AMIA attack, Tehran’s “terrorist matrix,” the modus operandi of Iran’s intelligence network in Buenos Aires, and the roles played by each of the involved officials. It describes how in 1993, Iran’s Committee for Special Operations decided to bomb AMIA with the religious blessing of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment on January 19, 2015, hours before he was scheduled to testify in a hearing about his recent accusations against Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner and the Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman. Nisman alleged that the Argentine leaders agreed to cover up the involvement of the Iranian officials in the AMIA bombing in exchange for a trade deal.

With dozens of investigators, an extraordinarily creative approach and an iron will, he convinced Interpol that Iran masterminded the bombing,” said Jacobs.

Alberto Nisman stood up to Iranian terror and to Argentinian corruption. He risked his life every day for years, and now he has made the ultimate sacrifice — for justice, for his people and for humanity. This document serves as a memorial to a Jewish hero of our time.

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