APT Response to the Anti-Defamation League’s Report on the Newton Curriculum

APT has published a detailed response to the “ADL Review of Allegations Against Newton Schools,” released on December 30, 2013. The ADL review is weakly researched and contains blatant falsehoods and telling omissions.

It’s hard to understand why the ADL would produce such a poor quality report; and why it would devote Jewish community resources to defending incompetent Newton school officials instead of helping parents and tax-payers who are concerned about biased texts not suitable for public schools.

Key Points:

1. The ADL report issued on December 30, 2013 cannot be the original report presented to Boston Jewish leadership. It appears to have been prepared in response to public doubts about the existence of any ADL report.

2. Despite previous ADL claims that its Newton schools report cannot be released due to the fact that “it involves all kinds of proprietary research,” there is nothing that can be considered proprietary about the weakly researched content of the report released on December 30th.

3. The December 30 ADL report validates that fact that the ADL’s original so-called ‘review’ of the Newton Curriculum and the resulting assurances to the public about Newton Schools are a sham.

4. Jewish leadership relied on a sham report by ADL, which was based primarily on trust in the Newton School officials’ verbal assurances to ADL leaders.

5. Newton School officials have yet to make public its school curriculum and teaching materials. Newton schools continue to promote a biased educational agenda.

To read the APT response, click on the link below:


APT Response to 12-30-13 ADL Report on Newton Curriculum by Americans for Peace and Tolerance

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