APT 2013 Achievements List

APT has been exposing anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hostility in Universities and High Schools.

At Northeastern University our efforts have influenced the administration to deal with the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel situation on campus:

APT’s “Shame on NEU” video campaign exposed anti-Semitic, anti- Israel, and radical Islamist faculty and staff. This resulted in Northeastern University’s dismissal of the school’s Muslim chaplain and the head of the Office of Religious Life, the development of an enhanced whistleblower system for students, and the creation of Israel Studies faculty position. The most vocal and well-placed anti-Israel ideologue on Northeastern’s faculty, Middle East Center director Denis Sullivan, was reassigned as co-director of the Middle East Center (having to share his position with the Israel Studies professor), and was relieved of his duties of teaching the Arab-Israel conflict course.  Northeastern’s large and aggressive Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group was placed on probation for behavior we helped to expose.

To combat BDS on college campuses across the country, we produced a successful video with an African American pro-Israel student.

At Newton, Massachusetts public high schools, our efforts resulted in the removal of biased and false anti-Israel teaching materials .

Newton has a significant Jewish population but the town’s leadership, school committee and administration are dominated by a politically correct ideology. Over the past two years, APT has been engaged (and has recently taken the lead) in a campaign to remove anti-Israel and anti-American teaching materials from Newton Public Schools.  To date, three offending sources used by Newton teachers have been removed.  We continue to review and monitor the teaching materials and   how the history of the Middle East and Israel is being taught in Newton.  We know that Newton schools are not unique and that K-12 education has been targeted by radical and Arab sources for indoctrination.

At a Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school, we exposed a field trip to the radical Islamic Society of Boston mosque where students were asked to engage in Muslim prayer. Our video of the incident was nationally publicized and it put an end to the school’s visits to this mosque:

Our video, which was seen on YouTube by almost half a million people, received significant national media attention and elicited a formal apology to parents from the school superintendent.  The school has decided not to visit that mosque again. We believe the incident and the related publicity is discouraging other Massachusetts schools to take students on field trips to the mosque.

Exposing Hate-Promoting Radical Islamists in our communities

In Boston, we exposed radical Muslim leaders as supporters of terrorists who promote radicalization of young Muslims in the community. 

Islamic extremists in Boston have rallied around two convicted Al Qaeda terrorists, Tarek Mehanna and Aafia Sididiqui, who were radicalized in the Boston area. A surprisingly large number of these terrorists’ supporters are prominent members of Boston’s civic institutions and of the largest mosque in Boston: the Islamic Society of Boston. From their prominent positions, these individuals were inciting the Boston Muslim community against America and its justice system. As a consequence of our campaign, after the Boston Marathon bombings MA Governor Deval Patrick disinvited the ISB’s imam from the official memorial service at which President Obama spoke. While the ISB mega-mosque in Roxbury has held rallies on behalf of Mehanna and Siddiqui in the past, we have made it more difficult for the mosque’s extremist leaders to radicalize their congregation. In an open letter to the ISB’s imam, one of Mehanna and Siddiqui’s most vocal supporters lamented that APT now has “defacto veto power over who speaks at the center, and what issues are discussed there.” Our research into this topic is now being used in law enforcement training seminars.

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, we revealed in national media the threat that radical mosques pose to Boston. LINK to senam shortened clip.

Immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings, APT provided much sought after context to the bombers’ influences after it turned out that they attended an Islamic Society of Boston mosque. Our years-long research into the ISB’s connections to terrorism and Islamic extremism was the basis for a lengthy expose in USA Today, and Charles Jacobs appeared on Fox News and CNN to discuss this research. Blaze TV produced a 30 minute special news report featuring Charles Jacobs and APT’s research director that revealed in detail the threat ISB poses as the Muslim Brotherhood front in New England. The video of the report is now being used in law enforcement training seminars.

In Nashville Tennessee, our film and related campaign educated the public about the first Al Qaeda murder on US soil since 9/11 and resulted in positive legislative initiatives. 

The first Al Qaeda murder on US soil since 9/11 was largely ignored by the media and the government. Our documentary “Losing Our Sons,” exposed the role of Nashville Islamist leaders in converting to Islam and radicalizing the perpetrator of the murder, a young African American Baptist, Carlos Bledsoe (aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhamad), and sending him to Yemen, where he trained with Al Qaeda and returned to America, ultimately murdering U.S Army Private Andy Long in an act of Jihad.

The documentary featured the father of the murderer, Melvin Bledsoe, and the father of the victim, Daris Long as they explore the circumstances that led to their sons’ tragic encounter and – incredibly — unite after the tragedy to warn the American public about the dangers of homegrown Islamic extremism.

“Losing Our Sons” sparked major media attention, including extensive coverage in USA Today and the main local papers in Nashville, Little Rock, and Memphis. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee endorsed the documentary and featured the fathers as guests on his Fox News show multiple times. The documentary galvanized passage of a Tennessee counter-terrorism state law and a similar Arkansas “Andy’s Law,” named after the victim of the shooting. The laws allow victims of terrorism to seek civil liability from those who radicalized or aided the terrorist responsible for the crime. APT’s Congressional outreach resulted in the father of Carlos Bledsoe, Melvin, being one of the four witnesses at Congressman Peter King’s historic and extensively publicized first House Homeland Security Committee hearing on radicalization in America’s Muslim community. Because of the publicity surrounding the hearing, virtually all national media covered Melvin’s testimony. A year later, Daris Long, the father of the murdered soldier, Andy, testified in front of the Joint House-Senate Homeland Security Committee. His testimony resulted in a bipartisan outpouring of support for his clear moral call to have Andy’s murder recognized as an act of terrorism.

In Buffalo, New York our research effort and community campaign resulted in the dissolution of a dishonest “synagogue/mosque twinning project ” with radical Muslims.

Buffalo: Our research showed that radical Muslim leaders who were accepted as moderates by the Jewish community were in fact anti-Semites. As part of a national mosque-synagogue “twinning” project initiated by Rabbi Eric Schneier of NYC, two Buffalo rabbis had unknowingly twinned their synagogues with radical Muslim leaders. The twinning project in Buffalo was actually run by a Syrian dentist with close ties to the Bashar Assad regime. The rabbis had unknowingly endorsed a top cleric in the Syrian Religious Ministry, whose anti-Semitic and anti-American sermons in Arabic we found and publicized. At a Jewish community meeting, our presentation convinced the rabbis from the two synagogues egaged in the twinning to break off their relations with the false moderates. (The 3rd rabbi is unsalvageable.) This got national press coverage from the Forward and the JTA.

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