A Muslim Primer

  • “Islam and the Quran created major improvements in the status of women.” “They were oases in a desert of misogyny.” [p. 173]
  • Under Islamic law, “Women’s testimony is worth half of man’s. This is an attempt to forego distraction from family responsibilities and protect women from the rigor and discomfort of prolonged trials. It also reflects a feeling that woman’s emotional nature may prevent her from being as objective as men.” [p. 174]
  • “Muslims have felt pain for being the butt of centuries of Christian slander, misrepresentation and ridicule. Dante, Luther and nineteenth century European missionaries and colonizers helped fuel this devaluation.” [p. 182]
  • Claims that the best way to understand Islam is through writings of Sayyid Qutb, the father of modern Islamic extremism whose writings inspired Osama Bin Laden [pp. 132-3]
  • Claims Neil Armstrong converted to Islam and forced to keep it quiet by NASA and US government- story family denies. A Christian pastor officiated at Armstrong’s burial at sea.
  • Claims Jews and Christians appreciated rule by Muslims and that Jews admired Mohammed. In reality, Jews and Christians had the status of dhimmis. They lacked the legal rights of Muslims and had to pay a protection tax. Both communities were subject to sporadic massacres and violence.

The Status of Women Chapter from A Muslim Primer

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