Imam of Boston terrorists’ Islamic Society raised cash for cop killer together with arch-terrorist Anwar Awlaki.

According to FBI surveillance documents , Suhaib Webb, the Imam of the Islamic Society of Boston, joined Al Qaeda operative Anwar Awlaki (killed by U.S drone strike in 2011) two days before 9/11 in headlining a fundraiser on behalf of Atlanta Islamic extremist H Rap Brown, (aka Jamil al Amin) who had just murdered two police officers in Georgia. That night, Webb and Awlaki raised $100,000 to pay for Brown’s defense. Brown was found guilty of the murders. 

Anwar Awlaki went on to become the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and was assassinated by drone strike in 2011 in Yemen. It was Awlaki who published the Al Qaeda Inspire magazine that explained how to make the pressure cooker bomb used by the Boston Marathon bombers to wreak their murderous mayhem. Awlaki urged American Muslims to attack soft targets and crowded sporting events.

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