New APT film: “Our Lost Sons” – The Carlos Bledsoe Nashville Radicalization Connections

(This article originally appeared on the New English Review in January 2013)

Charles Jacobs and the team at Americans for Peace and Tolerance have produced a stunning film of Melvin Bledsoe’s important story about the tragic outcome of his son’s Islamization while at Tennessee State University – the murder of Army recruiter, Pvt. William Long at a Little Rock mall in July, 2009. The film is entitled, “Losing our sons- The Nashville Connection”. The film portrays the riveting and important story of his son’s conversion to radical Islam via the Nashville connections -Tennessee State University, the Islamic Center of Nashville, and the Al Farooq Mosque – that sent Carlos to terrorist training in Yemen. The APT film team captures the transformation of a son who grew up in Memphis in a happy American Baptist home that venerated Martin Luther King only to be transformed into a Jihadi who venerated death as a Jihad for Allah following the barbaric example of his Messenger Mohammed.


This APT film comes after the intial Peter King hearings on radicali Islamic recruitment of home grown terrorist was dismissed by ranking minority members of his Homeland Security Committee as insensitive to American Muslims. Melvin Bledsoe’s testimony at Congressman King’s Homeland Security Committee Hearing illustrated graphically Carlos’ descent into barbarity and hatred of Infidels, Christians and Jews. After his son’s conversion to Islam, he took the name of Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. These same Congressional Democrats trivialized Melvin Bledsoe’s testimony as anecdotal, of little relevence, but, interesting. One Congresswoman on the panel had the effrontery to call Bledsoe’s testimony and the conduct of Rep. King’s hearing as giving aide and comfort to Al Qaeda. In our opinion Melvin Bledsoe’s testimony is an important lesson and cautionary tale about how youths can be ensnared into a death cult that transforms them into savage, insensitive killers.

Watch this APT trailer and ponder why the liberal media in Memphis and Nashville and elsewhere in the country gave this Bledsoe story short shrift. Meanwhile they adulate documentaries like CNN’s Unwelcome: Muslims Next Door about alleged bigotry by Middle Tennesseans against local Muslims and tomorrow’s US Senate hearing on alleged Muslim hatred chaired by Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois -see this report from Investigative Project report on Terrorism.

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