Students Confess to Vandalizing Menorah at Northeastern University

(This article originally appeared on on November 30, 2012 and was written by Katherine Landergan)

Two students confessed to vandalizing a menorah on display at Northeastern University early Friday morning, university officials reported.

Dr. Laura Wankel, Vice President of Student Affairs, wrote in an email that the students were referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for disciplinary action.

“I want to remind all students that intolerance based on religion, race, gender, ethnicity and related characteristics is clearly prohibited in the Student Code of Conduct,” she wrote. “Moreover, this kind of behavior is antithetical to what Northeastern stands for as a global, academic community.”

Earlier Friday morning, President Joseph E. Aoun addressed the Northeastern community in an email, describing the incident as “deeply disturbing” and an “affront to our university community and the values we stand for.”

“Northeastern’s deep and abiding commitment to diversity in all its forms—including religious diversity—is unwavering,” Aoun wrote. “This disturbing incident should be an opportunity to strengthen – rather than weaken – our dedication to this deeply important value.”

Aoun said the vandalism occurred at approximately at 1 a.m. Friday in the Krenztman Quad on Huntington Avenue. Police are investigating the incident, and the university has repaired the menorah.

“Every day – and especially during this season of religious observance – it is vital that we show our commitment to mutual respect and diversity,” Aoun wrote. “These are the values that define and enrich our community, and no act of intolerance can ever undermine that.”

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