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cat SeventyRabbisOn May 22nd, 2010, despite warnings from the Boston Jewish leadership about the extremist background of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick visited the Islamic center and publicly embraced the extremist Imam Abdullah Faaruuq. Shortly after Patrick’s visit to the Islamic center, independent candidate for Massachusetts governor Tim Cahill criticized Patrick for pandering to Islamic extremists. During a press conference held by MAS to condemn Cahill’s statements, Newton Rabbi Eric Gurvis embraced the head of the MAS, Bilal Kaleem, for which he was criticized by APT President Charles Jacobs in a Jewish Advocate article. Upset at Dr. Jacobs, 70 Massachusetts rabbis issued a letter of collective condemnation, accusing him of “waging a destructive campaign against Boston’ Muslim community.” The rabbis’ letter resulted in a massive outpouring of support for Charles Jacobs and Americans for Peace and Tolerance, as well as of condemnation of the rabbis – with Christians, Muslims, and Jews speaking out for APT and against the rabbis’ false statements. 

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