K-12 Mis-Education

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America’s K-12 education system, both public and private, has long been targeted by Islamist activists as an access point into the broader American culture. Aided by the sympathetic attitude of leftist activists who themselves infiltrated K-12 education over the past 40 years, Islamists have followed the leftist model of influencing textbooks, sanitizing and glorifying Islamist history while painting Western civilization as a victimizer of the Muslim world. Moreover, schools around the country directly expose their students to Islamic extremists, either through field trips to area mosques or through guest lectures presented by Islamist activists. One such field trip is documented in APT’s most popular video, in which Wellesley, MA public middle school kids were asked to pray to Allah during a visit to Boston’s radical Muslim Brotherhood mega-mosque in Roxbury. Because of the surrounding controversy, Wellesley Public Schools and many other school systems around Massachusetts suspended their field trips to the mosque.

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