California’s Hostile Campuses

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cat califAmericans for Peace and Tolerance video exposes egregious faculty and student behavior at the University of California. The University of California functions as a publicly administered state-wide system of campuses. For the past several years, many of its locations have played host to some of the most virulent anti-Israel and anti-Semitic campus rhetoric in the United States. Professors teach clearly and unapologetically anti-Israel courses where political opinions regularly supplant historical facts. Those professors whose opinions on Middle East issues are deemed “incorrect” are denied jobs and tenure. Jews have been physically threatened.  Radical faculty and extremist student organizations use the university and its name to inappropriately push their political agendas, both behind the closed doors of classrooms in various departments and in the public grounds of university property. This has created a hostile atmosphere where access to a liberal education, constitutional freedoms, and personal safety is increasingly threatened.

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