American universities have become hostile environments for Jewish students who support Israel

On too many campuses Jewish students who support Israel are second class citizens not afforded the civil rights protection given to other minority groups. Young idealistic Jewish students who come to college believing in American principles of equality, fairness, justice and respect for all people quickly find out that if they support the Jewish State, they are excluded from fully participating in the college experience.

The videos below exposes the hostile environments at several universities:


The Hostile Enviroment on campus includes:

  • Promotion of a distorted and false academic narrative of the Middle East Conflict.
  • Demonization of the state of Israel
  • Disruption and suppression of pro-Israel views
  • Israel-bashing which includes anti-Jewish harassment, vandalism and violence
  • Anti-Semitic discourse and imagery
  • Unequal response to bigotry on campus.
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