New film claims Holocaust week at Northeastern was ‘hijacked’ by anti-Zionists

As this year’s Awareness Week begins, university counters critics’ complaints that previous events were used to attack Israel

Northeastern University on Monday kicks off what it calls Holocaust Awareness Week. This year’s events include a talk by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon and a documentary about the six-decade hunt for Nazi war criminals. But, according to a 17-minute film released Monday morning by a campus watchdog group, Holocaust Awareness Week at the Boston-based school in the past has often been less about remembering Hitler’s victims and more about bashing the Jewish state.

The film, called “Hijacked Holocaust,” shows anti-Zionist activists such as Alice Rothchild and Nadim Rouhana participating as panelists during the week ostensibly designed to raise awareness of the Nazi genocide against the Jews. Rothchild is shown in the video likening Israel to an abused child who, in turn, has become an abuser.

“Out of our catastrophe [the Holocaust], we created another catastrophe [the Nakba, the Palestinian term for the aftermath of Israeli independence in 1948],” she says.

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