List of Key Documents in the Boston Terror Case

Key Documents

 Key Documents


Tarek Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra 

The following documents outline the case against Tarek Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra:

Tarek’s co-conspirator Daniel Maldonado had gone overseas to join terrorists in Somalia. (For which he is currently serving a 10-year sentence.) Tarek and Daniel discuss Daniel’s adventures and how great it would be if Tarek could join the jihad as well.

This poem about the beauty and glory of dying as a martyr during violent jihad gained some fame on jihadist forums online and was offered with the indictment as evidence of Tarek’s intentions.

Abdulbadi Abousamra 

Abdulbadi Abousamra is listed as the President and Incorporating Agent of the Islamic academy.

Abdulbadi Abousamra is listed as the MAS Boston Vice President.

Imam Masood 

The agreement to employ Imam Masood as an imam at the Islamic Center of New England and a teacher at the Islamic Academy of New England was signed by Abdulbadi Abousamra as President of ICNE.

Imam Masood’s R1 Special Religious Worker Visa was discovered to be fraudulently filed as part of the massive visa fraud scheme by a sham Brooklyn mosque to bring hundreds of illegal aliens from the Middle East to the United States, some with extremist connections. Masood’s visa was sponsored and filed by the ICNE’s then-Director Syed Tanwirul Hasan Zaidi.

The complaint details Masood’s long history of delinquency, petty run-ins with the law, and flagrant perjury leading up to his indictment and stretching back into the early 1990s.


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