From Sudbury to Mumbai: The Boston Terror Plot

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This video focuses on the 2009 indictments of Tarek Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra, Massachusetts residents accused of planning to machine gun shoppers in a New England mall. The video offers a glimpse into a loosely-coordinated web of radical Islamic individuals and organizations based in New England with ties to Islamic terrorist groups overseas. This web is responsible for the radicalization of the next generation of American Muslims. It ultimately resulted in Abousamra becoming the chief social media strategist of Islamic State, aka ISIS or ISIL.

The video demonstrates the disheartening phenomenon (given the historical moderation and success of Boston Muslims) of the current groundswell of support for Tarek within a segment of the Boston Muslim community and its virulent response to his arrest. The video shows how Islamic radicals have been using the Internet to organize thousands of supporters and raise money for Mehanna a man who the FBI alleges had enjoyed gloating over propaganda videos of Al Qaeda terrorists disemboweling and burning the bodies of American GIs in Iraq. (Mehanna and Abousamra mockingly called these mutilations Texas BBQs.)

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