From Sudbury to Mumbai: Connecting the Dots

Sudbury to Mumbai: Connecting the Dots
Two weeks ago, a Sudbury resident, Tarek Mehanna was arrested on terrorism charges. According to the FBI, he and his friends had sought terrorist training in places like Pakistan and plotted to machine gun random shoppers at a local shopping mall.
The images the headlines provoke (blood, panic, screams at a mall near you) bring to mind scenes from last year’s Mumbai Massacres in India where young men, trained and sent by the Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taibah terror group, gunned down innocents with automatic weapons in public places.
Could there possibly be a connection between an arrest in Sudbury, Massachusetts and the massacre in Mumbai, India?  

Why would a seemingly successful American teenager seek terrorist training in Pakistan? Click on the image below to zoom, interact, and explore this partial web of relationships between entities in Pakistan, some of the newly established American Islamic institutions, and the recent FBI arrests:
Sudbury to Mumbai: Connecting the Dots
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