BRA Deal

This section examines the Boston Redevelopment Authority sale of public land to the Islamic Society of Boston at a deeply discounted price; and the double role played in the deal by the BRA Deputy Director and ISB fundraiser Muhammad Ali Salaam.


Issues Analysis


The Deal

The sale of public land to the ISB for a deeply discounted price and in return for services related to the religion of Islam provided by the ISB to a public college raises concerns of violations of anti-establishment laws and the separation of church and state.

Muhammad Ali Salaam

Ali Salaam is the Deputy Director of the BRA and a leader at the ISB. He directly oversaw the deal between the BRA and the ISB and had completely merged his roles as BRA official and ISB leader. There is a clear conflict of interest stemming from the involvement of Muhammad Ali Salaam in the land deal as both the person at BRA in charge of the deal and as a leader in the ISB.

Contempt for Public Inquiry & Oversight

After revelations regarding the egregious malfeasance by the BRA and its Deputy Director Muhammad Ali Salaam in the sale of public land to the ISB, the BRA continually refused to provide a transparent account of the circumstances surrounding the deal in spite of requests from members of government and court orders.


Supporting Documents

BRA Documents Dossier

Internal ISB and BRA documents provide evidence of unethical conduct on the part of the BRA, the ISB, and Muhammad Ali Salaam.

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