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Since the first reports of the Islamic Society of Boston’s radical and terrorist affiliations, we’ve accumulated a large amount of data that potentially paints one of the more complete pictures on the nature of any individual Islamist religious organization in the U.S. The purpose of this website is to document our analysis of this data and to provide continuous monitoring on the progression of Islamist activity in the New England Area.

Moderate members of the Boston Muslim community claim that the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) and its affiliated Muslim American Society Boston branch (MASB) have been central sources of the extremism that has been spreading through their venerable and historically moderate community since the 1980s. These moderate Muslims claim that ISB/MASB are controlled by members of an international radical organization called the Muslim Brotherhood, which they characterize as the source of the extremism, hatred, and violence afflicting their coreligionists all around the world.

A large volume of data corroborates these claims. Counterterrorism analysts and scholars are concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood’s historical role as the ideological launching pad for the leaders of groups like Al Qaeda and Hamas. Alarmingly, recently released FBI documents show that the Muslim Brotherhood has had a long presence in the United States and has operated with an agenda of radicalizing the American Muslim community. These documents show that many of the “mainstream” American Muslim organizations were created by the Muslim Brotherhood and operate according to this agenda. The ultimate ambition of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US and worldwide is the creation of a global Islamic state ruled by the 7th century Islamic “Sharia” legal code, created by Muhammad and his followers.

In Boston, the ISB/MAS as well as many of their top individual leaders have played central roles within the constellation of the American Muslim organizations known to have been public vehicles for the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in the US. Organizational affiliations, the presence of individual American and international Muslim Brotherhood leaders within the leadership of the Islamic Society of Boston, and financial relationships between the ISB and various Brotherhood and other Salafist entities paint a detailed picture of the ISB and MAS Boston as central Muslim Brotherhood fronts in the New England area.

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