Data Sources

  • Lawsuit discovery documents. During the Islamic Society of Boston’s lawsuit against its critics, the defendants were able to obtain large quantities of internal ISB documents, including email communications, organizational records and the entirety of the ISB’s financial records for the years 2000-2007. Analysis of the financial records reveals details of the ISB’s financial ties with terrorist and extremist movements. Analysis of internal ISB communications and records provide a glimpse into ISB strategic planning.
  • Trial documents. Expert witness affidavits provide a thorough look into the ISB’s origins within the radical Islamist network in America. Depositions of ISB leaders provide details into their identities and backgrounds. Court filings document the abuse of the American court system by the ISB for the purpose of silencing its critics.
  • Open Source Documents: Research publications as well as primary source documents: evidence from terrorism financing trials and investigations, notably the Holy Land Foundation trial and documents from Operation Green Quest.
  • Privileged information from Muslim community insiders: Several Muslim congregants at the historic African American mosques in Boston are disgruntled and alarmed enough by the Arab extremists who have slowly infiltrated and taken over their community, that they have approached us with inside information. They have provided us with documentation on the process by which radical Islamist operatives infiltrated and took over previously moderate Boston Muslim communities, changing the direction of these communities toward an extremism that increasingly leaves them concerned about their children’s ability to participate in American civil society.
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