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On American campuses today, many Jewish students who grew up with expectations of equality, inclusion, and a nurturing learning environment, are saddened to discover a harsh and ugly reality, one which is mostly ignored by college officials. 

The hostility toward Jewish students on campus is part of a larger change within academia, which has embraced radical social activism, ideological indoctrination, and coerced conformity.  

The film illustrates how anti-Semitism is being made fashionable at many American universities through the on-going academic de-legitimization of Israel, the normalization of hatred in the name of social justice,  and massive donations of Arab oil money to universities.

Hate Spaces includes commentary and analysis from distinguished writers and academics including Professors Alan Dershowitz of Harvard, William Jacobson of Cornell and Richard Landes of Boston University, along with journalists Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal, and Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post.

Morally Confused Rabbi Howard Jaffe Enables CAIR Fundraising at Temple

APT exposed an event at Temple Isaiah in Lexington, Massachusetts where Rabbi Howard Jaffe allowed a CAIR official to raise money from his congregation. According to the ADL and the FBI, CAIR was founded as a Hamas fundraising front group. Hamas proclaims all Jews must be killed. Hamas murders Jews. Helping CAIR officials raise funds is unacceptable. Rabbis cannot demand to be above criticism, especially when they engage in politics.

JNS article describing the event

ADL statement concerning CAIR

IPT News report on the FBI severing ties with CAIR

Hamas Charter (August 18, 1988)

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30 Jun 2020

Sign the Petition: We Need to Stand Up against Jew-Haters on Campuses

Demand the Removal of Ahmad Daraldik from Florida State University Student Senate Ahmad Daraldik (also styled Eldeek), the current FSU senate president, has made anti-Semitic remarks in multiple social media posts. These posts were exposed right after the previous president was removed from his position for remarks critical of transgenderism. Daraldik,

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26 Jun 2020

The “Times of Israel” Reports on Jew-Baiting at UMass Amherst

CAMERA’s Dexter Van Zile asks, “Are pro-Israel dissenters safe at UMass Amherst?” The scandal over UMass Amherst’s persecution and expulsion of conservative pro-Israel student Louis Shenker is getting international attention. Drawing on original coverage by the Abu Yehuda blog, CAMERA’s Dexter Van Zile writes in the Times of Israel that it “seems reasonable to

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15 Jun 2020

Historic Video Unearthed: The Arab American Plan to Defeat America’s Jews

The Arab American Institute outlined a plan to undermine pro-Israel support in America — and it worked Around 1990, James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, traveled to Jordan to raise interest in his plan to undermine the Jewish community in America by organizing the Left here against Israel’s “oppression” of Palestinians. Zogby saw

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Faculty decided student’s “views are not the kind we want to cultivate at the University;” had student arrested on fake hate crime charges.
28 May 2020

APT and EWI Threaten Lawsuit Against UMass Amherst For Expelling Jewish Student Due to His Political and Religious Beliefs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 28, 2020 Contact Karen Hurvitz, Esq.: [email protected] Ilya Feoktistov, Esq.: [email protected]   ATTORNEYS FOR JEWISH PRO-ISRAEL AND PRO-TRUMP STUDENT EXPELLED FOR HIS BELIEFS SEND DEMAND LETTER TO UMASS AMHERST Faculty Decided Student’s “Views Are Not the Kind We Want to Cultivate at the University;” Had Student Arrested on

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08 May 2020

How the Left is Taking Over American Jewish Defense Organizations

Destruction from within As American Jewry is under ideological and physical assault — most Jewish institutions requiring armed guards for security — our “defense” agencies are being taken over by radical leftists. This stunning article by Daniel Greenfield in JNS — “The HIAS-ization of American Jews” — is the best and most important exposé of

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05 May 2020

On Giving Tuesday Help a Real Anti-Defamation Force

Support APT: we do what the ADL, AJC, JCRC, and Federations are supposed to be doing During the health and economic crises, we cannot pause in our battle against the pandemic of Jew-hatred surging around us. Every day we fight to “flatten the curve,” as we doubt there is a vaccine. Here’s

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28 Apr 2020

The Fight to Prevent the Hijacking of the Conference of Presidents is Just Beginning

Dianne Lob has not promoted the welfare of the Jewish community; she has undermined its safety We must continue to protest Dianne Lob’s selection to the position of COP’s chair of the board. The courageous protest, led by Morton Klein, head of the ZOA, yesterday forced a postponement in Lob’s assuming

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27 Apr 2020

American Jewish Organizational Crack-Up Continues

Major development in the leftist take-over of a prestigious Jewish defense agency The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (COP) is, this morning, announcing that that it has resolved its inner conflict over the controversial election of Dianne Lob as its new chairperson. COP leaders say they have reached a compromise

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