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Suleiman Salem
20 Nov 2015

Extremist Preacher at Boston’s Yusuf Mosque

On November 21, Sheikh Suleiman Salem will address the Yusuf Mosque in Boston, on the topic of “Their Struggles and Ours.” Salem, however, has a history of expressing extremist rhetoric and promoting anti-Semitic material. On his Facebook page, Salem has circulated a violent nasheed (Islamic vocal music) titled “Du’aa for Gaza,” performed by

16 Nov 2015

Hamas on the Charles: Cambridge, MA Reelects CAIR Leader to City Council

First published at Breitbart On the face of it, Cambridge politician Nadeem Mazen is a model citizen. He is an elected councilor, a graduate of MIT, an advocate for better education, and the founder of two successful companies. Yet it also turns out that Mazen is a founding director of

10 Nov 2015

Letter to MA Legislators: Islamic Group Lobbying State House is Tied to Terror

As Jews, Christians, Muslims and counter-extremism researchers, we write this only to inform you about the groups with which you may be meeting. On November 12, lawmakers will experience ‘Muslim Day on the Hill,’ the first in a series of lobbying days for Massachusetts Muslims to advocate for issues relevant to the

05 Nov 2015

J Street: a knife inside the tent

  Charles Jacobs This is an altered version of an article first published at the Jewish Advocate The daughter of our friends, a nurse at a major Jerusalem hospital, fears for her life every time she goes to work. Many of her colleagues are Israeli Arabs who have easy access

Yasir Qadhi
04 Nov 2015

Worcester Islamic Center Burnishes its Extremist Credentials

On December 5, a prominent Islamic cleric, Yasir Qadhi, will be speaking at Worcester Islamic Center, to discuss “Happy, Healthy Marriages.” Qadhi, however, is a well-known hate preacher. In 2001, Qadhi told an audience of Muslims: “Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews. There are a number of books out on

22 Oct 2015

Hamas Front Group CAIR Incorporates in Boston, Launches Attack on APT

Please donate to help us stay in the fight against Islamic extremist groups like CAIR. America’s most belligerent Islamist group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has opened up an office in Boston. Top mission: countering APT’s public awareness campaign about the Muslim Brotherhood institutions in Boston. In a mud-slinging

Globe Fish
10 Aug 2015

Boston Globe in Cover-up of Islamist Network in New England

We at APT have met with Globe journalists many times, and with the entire Globe Spotlight Team consisting of top reporters and editors. We showed them documents linking the Islamic Society of Boston to terror groups and we played for them videos of hateful sermons against Jews, Christians and America.

10 Aug 2015

Politico Mag cover story: “Tennessee Is the Capital of American Jihad”

Three years ago, we released a documentary called “Losing Our Sons,” which warned that a dangerous network of radical Islamists based in Tennessee was inciting local Muslims against America and promoting terrorist activity. Tennessee civic and religious leaders dismissed our claims. “The Tennessean” newspaper smeared us as Islamophobes and assured


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