21 Apr 2016

Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner?

On May 20th, ICNA Relief, the aid agency of the Islamic Circle of North America, is hosting a “benefit dinner” for the Amal’s Women Center, a shelter recently built in the city of Boston. How disappointing it is that ICNA Relief should choose to dirty a virtuous cause by fronting such efforts with

13 Apr 2016

Harvard Hosts Muslim Brotherhood Conference

On Wednesday 13, Harvard Law School hosted an event organised by Egyptians Abroad for Democracy, the overseas branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the violent Islamist movement. Speakers included:   Said Abdelfatah – a Professor at the University of Cairo and the former advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi. Sunjeev

05 Apr 2016

Islamist charity, Islamic Relief, Promotes Extremist Preacher

On April 17, the taxpayer-funded charity, Islamic Relief USA, is hosting an event in Woburn, MA, with the notorious extremist preacher, Yasir Qadhi. In 2001, Qadhi told an audience of Muslims: “Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews. There are a number of books out on this written by Christians, you should

28 Mar 2016

Extreme Salafist Group Tours America

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) is currently touring the United States, bringing its extremist message to hundreds of American Muslims across the country. The iERA is a British Salafist organization founded in 2009 by British convert Abdur Raheem Green, who remains its chairman today. Rumoured to be funded by the

22 Mar 2016

Islamic Society of Boston Hosts (Yet Another) Hate Preacher

On Tuesday March 22nd, the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) hosted an event with the notorious Islamist preacher, Zaid Shakir, who lectured on the “Islamic sciences.” Shakir has a long history of promoting and defending violently extremist ideas. In an article titled, “Muslim involvement in the American political process”, Shakir wrote that Muslims

16 Feb 2016

Pro-Hamas Academic to Speak at Harvard, Yale, Columbia

On February 29th, the British-based academic Ilan Pappé will be addressing students at a talk hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School. Further speaking events follow at the universities of Yale, Central Connecticut State, New York, and Columbia. Ilan Pappé will be explaining: “Why is Palestine Still the Issue in 2016?”

25 Jan 2016

CAIR Massachusetts Appoints Radical Board Member

First published at Breitbart In the midst of battling claims that it is promoting radical Islamism, the Massachusetts branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has just appointed to its board a woman who works for the prominent anti-Jewish, terror-linked group, The Muslims of America Inc. (MOA). CAIR’s website

29 Dec 2015

Islamic Society of Boston Hosts Preachers who Advocate Sex Slavery

First published at the Daily Caller Last week, the Chief Justice of Massachusetts’s Supreme Judicial Court, Ralph Gants, spoke before the Islamic Society of Boston. He affirmed his support for the mosque, telling congregants that, “you do not stand alone.” Gants is just one of several high profile visits to the mosque

10 Dec 2015

Exploiting Intolerance

In his Boston Globe piece, ‘Don’t let hatred divide us,’ Dr John Robbins, the executive director of the Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), argued that American Muslims suffer from widespread bigotry and threats. To some extent, Dr Robbins is right. From Donald Trump’s recent proposal to ban

03 Dec 2015

ICNE Hosts Bin Laden apologist

On December 4, the Islamic Center of New England in Sharon, MA, hosted an event with Sheikh Yahya Rhodus, an Islamic preacher with some troubling links. In 2004, Rhodus and a fellow Islamic student were asked by an interviewer for ABC News what they thought of Bin Laden. Rhodes responded: “…the question itself