22 Mar 2016

Islamic Society of Boston Hosts (Yet Another) Hate Preacher

On Tuesday March 22nd, the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) hosted an event with the notorious Islamist preacher, Zaid Shakir, who lectured on the “Islamic sciences.” Shakir has a long history of promoting and defending violently extremist ideas. In an article titled, “Muslim involvement in the American political process”, Shakir wrote that Muslims

29 Dec 2015

Islamic Society of Boston Hosts Preachers who Advocate Sex Slavery

First published at the Daily Caller Last week, the Chief Justice of Massachusetts’s Supreme Judicial Court, Ralph Gants, spoke before the Islamic Society of Boston. He affirmed his support for the mosque, telling congregants that, “you do not stand alone.” Gants is just one of several high profile visits to the mosque

10 Aug 2015

Boston Globe in Cover-up of Islamist Network in New England

We at APT have met with Globe journalists many times, and with the entire Globe Spotlight Team consisting of top reporters and editors. We showed them documents linking the Islamic Society of Boston to terror groups and we played for them videos of hateful sermons against Jews, Christians and America.

03 Apr 2015

Revealed: Jihadist Lessons at the Boston Marathon Bombers’ Mosque

[This article was first published on Breitbart.com] The Boston Marathon bombers’ mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), employs an intensive radicalizing program aimed at Boston’s historically moderate Muslim community, especially at its youth. It’s called “Tarbiya,” which is Arabic for “growth and refinement.” It is not something that is

saudi flag ripple
01 Mar 2015

Bank Records Reveal the Saudi Millions Behind the Boston Marathon Bombers’ Mosque

by ILYA FEOKTISTOV | 01 Mar 2015 The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), whose Cambridge mosque the Boston Marathon bombers attended during their increasing radicalization, was in large part established with money from Saudi Arabian elites. Indeed, former Saudi Minister of Petroleum Zaki Yamani gave the keynote speech at the

Prosecutor of Al Qaeda terrorist Tarek Mehanna giving certificate of appreciation to supporter of Al Qaeda terrorist Tarek Mehanna
15 Feb 2015

Obama White House Partners with Radical Group for “Countering Violent Extremism” Summit

(This article was originally published on Breitbart.com) by ILYA FEOKTISTOV & CHARLES JACOBS | 15 Feb 2015 On Wednesday, February 18th, the Obama White House will showcase what it considers its counter-terrorism successes at the Countering Violent Extremism Summit. It must be said that Obama’s “countering violent extremism” formulation is